Takako Ono    Pianist & Composer




Recording & Video

CD "Takako Ono Works: I died for beauty" (Musica Gloria 2019)

・I died for beauty  (2 Sopran, Violin ,Piano,Percussion) Text Emily Dikinson
・10 Night of Dream / 夢十夜 (Flute,Violoncello, Piano)After nobel by Soseki Natsume
・Gondola-Another Sky (Flute and Piano)
・JIKU/ Timeline /  時空 (2Flutes and Piano)
・7 Scenes  Open the panicbox! - A girl of noble nature - In Paris -  
        Spring has come - Desert-  Eyes - Epilog

CD "Ensemble Lunata: First Impression" (Lunatalium 2019)

・ C.Saint-Saens: Carnival of Animals / 動物の謝肉祭 (Piccolo, Fute, Bassfl, Piano)
                             Introduction and Royal March of the Lion - The Elephant-
                             Aquarium- Fossils-  The Swan
・ A.Vivaldi:       Four Seasons ( Flute , Piano)
・Takako Ono : 10 Night of Dream / 夢十夜 (Flute,Violoncello, Piano)After nobel by Soseki Natsume
・Takako Ono :  Gondola-Another Sky (Flute and Piano)
・Takako Ono :  JIKU/ Timeline / 時空 (2Flutes and Piano)

CD "Takako Ono: Piano Trios 1&2" (Musica Gloria 2010
CD 小野貴子: ピアノトリオ  第1番&2番 (Musica Gloria 2010)

・Mask / 仮面 Pianosolo
・Haiku Suite   (Flute, Violoncello, Piano)
・Nostalgia /  郷愁 Pianoslo
・Yoroboshi / 弱法師 /Der Blinde Tempeldiener (Flute, Violoncello, Piano)

CD "Impression"         (Pagma-Verlag 2008)
CD "インプレッション" (パグマレーベル 2008)
・Takako Ono:  3 Piano Works  Forest and Moon / 森と月 ‐ 2Doors /二つの扉 ‐ Epilog / エピローグ
・C.Debbusy :  from Suite bergamasque   Clair de lune / 月の光
               Valse "La plus que lente" / レントより遅く
・M.Ravel   :    Miroirs / 鏡

Live Concert Video

Chopin Nocturn Op9-3/ ノクターン作品9−3    Ravel  Une barque sur l'ocean/  洋上の小舟

Mozart Fantasie d-moll /  幻想曲 ニ短調